A romantic wedding in Patras

With Marioniki and Leuteris we were already friends from their  pre-wedding session, which took place in the streets of Patras. So on the hottest day of May this beautiful couple got married in the wonderful Saint Andrew’s cathedral in the city of Patras. The church was decorated with elements made of wood and was full of beautiful flowers.The vibe was so romantic and the ceremony was immersive.

We left to go to the venue and until then i haven’t realized how crazy their friends were. It was the best, not set at all, party i ever had in 2017 and as a result i left late enough to see all the “fun stuff” of the party. An event full of romance, complete craziness and lots of love.

Few days later we scheduled the next day session which took place in a small forest near town where we had the best time all together and of course we couldn’t miss the sunset photo!


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Videographer : Wedbyart

Wedding dress : ΦΩΤΕΙΝΗ γάμος-βάπτιση

Bridal shoes : Trace

Groom’s suit : The Mark

Groom’s shoes : Υποδήματα  Μεντζελόπουλος

Wedding planning : Αγάπης Όνειρα

Music : Celebrate Sound

Venue : Έπακρον

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